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We look to the future

Nidwalden is as committed to tradition as it is to innovation. We are a silicone-free “valley” for organic farmers and high-tech companies. No other canton has so many patent applications. Nidwalden offers favourable conditions for research and development. Numerous global market leaders are based in the green canton and operate globally from here.

Current innovations

Examples of current innovations by companies in Nidwalden:

Pipeline inspection by the Rosen company
© ROSEN Swiss AG

Inspection equipment for pipelines

The ROSEN Group specialises in the research, development, manufacture and use of inspection equipment for pipelines and other complex technical installations. It offers its services and products worldwide for the oil and gas industry as well as other sectors. The Group also develops and manufactures “intelligent plastics” or functional polymers for various applications. The family-owned company was founded by Hermann Rosen in 1981 and now employs 4,300 people worldwide. 

Optical measuring devices from the company Sigrist-Photometer in Ennetbürgen

Innovation winner for measurement technology

Sigrist-Photometer AG in Ennetbürgen develops, manufactures and sells high-quality optical measuring instruments for water treatment, the food industry, industrial processes, transport and the environment. The company operates in 80 countries and employs 85 people.

The success story began in 1946 with the first Sigrist photometer, a measuring instrument for monitoring beer filtration. In 2020, the company won the IHZ Innovation Award with an optical measuring device for monitoring washing water on deep-sea vessels. The Sigrist photometers are also used locally. In the Stans water supply, the measuring instruments make a reliable contribution to ensuring perfect drinking water quality (see picture on the right).

Schiltrac Swiss-/Eurotrans supporting a farmer
Schiltrac Fahrzeuge

The most powerful transporters

Schiltrac lives well with its impressive transporters in a small niche that others overlooked. Particularly in the challenging topography of Central Switzerland, these powerful machines are highly valued by farmers and local authorities and can be found on many farms and in Alpine communities. With Schiltrac Swiss/Eurotrans, for example, farmers with twice the load volume and without additional staff can massively increase the amount of land they work.

The loading area of the Schiltrac transporter is much larger than that of all the others. Transporter: up to 9 tonnes load capacity, 14 tonnes total weight, with over a third more capacity than the biggest competitors.

Panoramic view of the Stanserhorn on the Cabrio train ride

The world’s first – CabriO cableway

The aerial cableway with an open upper deck was inaugurated in 2012 – a world first! By its 10-year anniversary in summer 2022, the CabriO cableway had completed around 100,000 journeys. The exclusivity of the CabriO cableway: It offers a 360-degree panorama without the suspension or the suspension rope obstructing the view. An unusual feature of the CabriO cableway is that the two cabins are each carried by two supporting ropes, each with a track width of 5 metres. Level adjustment ensures that the cabin is always horizontal. The CabriO gives you the feeling of floating – a real CabriO feeling with the wind blowing through your hair!

You can find support for your innovation projects here:

<p>Albert Koechlin Foundation</p>

Albert Koechlin Foundation

The Albert Koechlin Foundation AKS is a non-profit foundation and is involved in projects in the fields of social welfare, education, culture, economy and the environment. It awards recognition prizes for outstanding achievements.

Albert Koechlin Foundation



CSEM is a public-private, non-profit Swiss technology innovation centre. It promotes competitiveness through innovation and the development and transfer of technologies of global importance. Alpnach is home to one of six CSEM locations – close to the economy of Central Switzerland.




Innosuisse is the Swiss Agency for the Promotion of Innovation. Innosuisse’s task is to promote science-based innovation in the interests of business and society.


<p>Regional Development Association Nidwalden & Engelberg</p>

Regional Development Association Nidwalden & Engelberg

The Regional Development Association Nidwalden & Engelberg supports and assists project managers with the submission process, checks and assesses the application documents and submits an application to the cantonal office.

REV NW & Engelberg

<p>Foundation for the Preservation and Promotion of the Economy of the Nidwalden and Engelberg Region</p>

Foundation for the Preservation and Promotion of the Economy of the Nidwalden and Engelberg Region

The foundation aims to strengthen the economy of the Nidwalden and Engelberg region and to promote the preservation and creation of jobs in industry, commerce and the service sector. It is seen as a complementary element to the canton’s economic development agency.

Foundation for the Preservation and Promotion of the Economy of the Nidwalden and Engelberg Region

<p>Switzerland Innovation Park Central</p>

Switzerland Innovation Park Central

Switzerland Innovation Park Central connects companies, universities, institutions, start-ups and students and creates a dynamic, innovative ecosystem. The focus is on the building and energy sector, with the aim of developing marketable products and services from research results – for a built environment worth living in.

Switzerland Innovation Park Central

<p>Technopark Lucerne</p>

Technopark Lucerne

The innovation centre in Root (LU) promotes start-ups and young entrepreneurship in Central Switzerland. With tailor-made space, free business support and contacts. The slogan “The place to grow” means: When ideas fall into the soil of Technopark Lucerne as seeds, they have a better chance of taking root and growing into a successful company.

Technopark Lucerne

<p>Innovative Central Switzerland</p>

Innovative Central Switzerland

The innovation coaches offer support from market research and finding suitable funding programmes to finding cooperation and research partners. As a programme of the six Central Swiss cantons of Nidwalden, Obwalden, Lucerne, Uri, Schwyz and Zug to promote innovation, the organisation is a first point of contact for SMEs and is free of charge.

Innovative Central Switzerland

<p>*zünder Accelerator Programs</p>

*zünder Accelerator Programs

With the *zünder Accelerator Programs, selected start-up projects have the opportunity to take part in a training series for ten months and benefit from intensive support from experienced coaches and experts.

*zünder Accelerator Programs

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