Nidwalden from a bird's eye view

Nidwalden – in the heart of Switzerland

Nidwalden is located in the centre of Switzerland. Covering 276 square metres, the half-canton of Nidwalden stretches between the Pilatus massif, Lake Lucerne and the Joch Pass at the Titlis Glacier. Between lakes and high mountains – how the locals proudly locate their home. The canton is home to almost 45,000 inhabitants (as of December 2021).

As a rural region in the foothills of the Alps, Nidwalden offers a high quality of life and is popular among visitors from Switzerland and abroad as an idyllic holiday destination – at any time of year. Nidwalden is also a very business-friendly and tax-friendly location. Here, work and leisure can be combined in the best possible way.

Map of Switzerland with Canton Nidwalden and with north-south car route marked

Conveniently located

Conveniently located on the European north-south axis, the A2 motorway, and equipped with a dense network of local and long-distance public transport, Nidwalden has excellent mobility infrastructure with the Zentralbahn and the regional Airport Buochs. The international airports in Zurich and Basel can be reached in around 60 minutes by public and private transport.

Canton with 11 municipalities

The Canton of Nidwalden consists of eleven municipalities, five of which are on Lake Lucerne. In the main town of Stans, with around 8,000 inhabitants, you will find all the important offices and cantonal institutions. The small metropolis with its historical centre and small-town charm is also the cultural and social heart of the canton. You can find detailed information about the individual communities on the respective municipality's page.

Metrics about Canton Nidwalden

Additional facts and figures

Additional key figures on the Canton of Nidwalden are available from the Federal Statistical Office.

– Population (as of 2019)   43'087
– GDP per capita (as of 2018)   73'729 CHF
– Employment Sector 1 5.0 %
  Sector 2 28.7 %
  Sector 3 66.3 %

Nidwalden - at home in the heart of Switzerland

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