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Pilatus improves its PC-24 ambulance jet

Stans, 9 April 2024, Café Europe. Nachrichtenagentur AG

Stans - Pilatus Aircraft has further developed and improved its tried and tested PC-24 ambulance jet. The new PC-24 offers a longer range and higher payload. A number of new equipment options are also possible.

Pilatus Aircraft has presented an improved version of its PC-24 ambulance jet. According to a press release issued by the company based in Stans in the canton of Nidwalden, around 1,000 modifications have been made in terms of technology, fuselage, wings and interior design, while the range has been extended and higher payload achieved as well. In addition, a range of new design options are also on offer, such as a large, side-facing sofa that can be turned into a bed during the flight.

The maximum range with six passengers on board has been extended by 370 kilometers to 3,704 kilometers. Moreover, when fully loaded with fuel and under single pilot operation, the maximum payload amounts to 596 kilograms. On shorter routes, the PC-24, which is dubbed a Super Versatile Jet, offers a maximum payload of 1,406 kilograms. This is top of the range in its class, as Pilatus explains in the press release.

“We absolutely wanted to retain the PC-24’s aerodynamic characteristics and excellent flight handling, so that meant no major changes to the external shape. Instead, we concentrated on weight, aiming to increase maximum take-off weight whilst also reducing the empty weight”, as project leader Tobias Waeber explains in the press release.

All PC-24s from serial number 501 onward will be equipped with a new function that facilitates predictive maintenance services. Aircraft data is forwarded to Pilatus immediately after landing, which is then analyzed and, where necessary, predictive maintenance recommendations are made to the operator. ce/gba